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Test Your Community RQ

Why should a community use the RQ (Readiness Quotient) survey?

The RQ Test enables communities to assess what actions are needed for community members to prepare for an emergency. 

Encourage community members to test their RQ and make a fun (or competitive) activity out of reporting their scores.  Create a community-wide contest and acknowledge the city, group, neighborhood association or apartment complex that is the most prepared.  

Cities and municipalities should consider polling a representative sample of their community’s  preparedness – and the RQ survey questions can be used to establish a baseline and identify gaps and measure progress. Please contact us for more information.

Preparedness in Your Community

The American Red Cross has information to promote first aid and CPR training as well as community disaster education materials. Most importantly, stay involved with your community by volunteering.

Do you know if any of your neighbors are elderly, in a wheelchair or have special needs? Will they need someone's help in the event of an emergency? Check our additional resources to learn how you might be able to help them prepare and respond.

Have you been following what your community plans to do in the event of a pandemic flu? is a great resource.

Do you have a high RQ? Share the steps that you've taken to increase your readiness with your neighbors and help raise your community RQ.

Be sure to identify and stay up-to-date on information from your local and state emergency management offices.


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